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Yangtze River valley gleams in ecology protection plan

来源:China Daily 作者:Xu Xiaodan 时间:2018年08月10日
For two consecutive years, the Changjiang Water Resources Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources, along with the relevant departments of the provinces in the Yangtze River valley, has carried out a series of "physical examinations" to check the health of the river. Based on these tests, the program for the protection and rehabilitation of the Yangtze River valley's ecological environment and the three-year action plan (2018-20) were worked out in March.

With less than one-fifth of China's land area, the Yangtze River valley produces one-third of the country's food, accounts for one-third of its GDP and is home to more than one half of its inland river navigation mileage, making it an important driver of China's economic growth, which in turn will help realize the Chinese Dream.

But China's rapid economic and social development and its huge population have greatly increased the load on the Yangtze River, making its protection and rehabilitation all the more important.